Saturday, November 20, 2010

Camera 3D. Toys cheap.

And then the three-dimensional technology. Or 3D has made toys. After several years ago with two toys, a camera lens to look at two pictures simultaneously to visualize a three-dimensional image. Takara Tomy capture interesting trends in the development of this technology with a toy camera, 3D. The pictures can be seen in three dimensions. When viewed through a special device made of paper.

3D Shot Cam are three-dimensional camera for children 12 years or more. In principle, it is. This camera comes with dual lenses. (Emotional about FinePix REAL 3D W3 toy version). Can shoot out at the same two views. After printing out. In order to see through with Viewer. Images that will appear in three dimensions. Viewer for the similar toy made of paper past.

Note that photos printed from camera 3D.'ll Have two in the same location as the field seen by the Viewer just for 3D Shot Cam also comes with a sensor imaging resolution of 0.3 megapixels. Slot card. Memory SD. Supports maximum 8GB. the size of compact cameras. And weighs only 100 grams lighter. In Power Package is a 3D view to a second (and then see if it damages it could do itself a new) 3D Shot Cam will be available in Japan later this year. Snnrnrcr at 70 US. The company expects to sell 50,000 a. In Japan within one year It does not have announced plans to release around the world or not.