Sunday, November 7, 2010

Panasonic GF2 rumors loudly released next week.

This image may not be seen in much detail. But guarantee that the camera 4 / 3 eye sensitivity, many people would see what other Wae home to stay in the same eye level some By the site's 4 / 3 Rumors report that the company Panasonic is preparing to launch a new camera called Panasonic GF2 Micro Four Thirds into the public eye in this next week.

For this news is yes, that will be inflicted to the breast by about only because the site Korean Radio Research Agency source of news prime time with a list a list of GF2 as a new product prepared Promoting took it with, although not specified. Details on the other out in any way.

The new camera is believed that a direct descendant of GF1 is a camera mirrorless the smallest among the models available in the market all this time and will. Sensor resolution using the same 12-megapixel models like Panasonic G2.

Who conclude that the GF1 camera in hand, do not just take the Tung Seng Hospital, or to vary before แegyuan GF2 because although that might be launched next week in this It has quite a high chance that the camera 4 / 3 will be released, it must be true spa visit early next year over there at all.

Panasonic GF2 rumors loudly released next week.