Sunday, November 7, 2010

Samsung did not say Nexus 2 (Nexus S) Miso.

Rumors are rumors, it certainly To what otherwise would have been wrong. But it happened this time, Samsung came out totally wrong, then they did not deny, I will do Nexus 2.
Rumored rumored to come to the ring that Samsung will produce a mobile operating system Android 2.3 GingerBread as a model for action by the manufacturer. At first it seems to be a tendency that way. (Because no one disputed it), but then the truth is being revealed as not so

Samsung Electronics provides information to the South Korean news agency Denawa that Samsung is not a manufacturer Nexus 2, or also known as Nexus S to Google even more Oh Hai fall into a very like that.

But certainly on 8 November to prepare for launch of Samsung mobile version, adapted from the version of Continuum Galaxy S for Verizon mobile network features 2 "LCD screen is touch screen and normal screen menu The idea line like that at LG KF600 offline.

Samsung did not say Nexus 2 (Nexus S) Miso.